My name is Aatish Bhatia. I graduated from Swarthmore College in 2007. I’ve since been living in New Jersey as a grad student at Rutgers University. The winding road to my Ph.D. has taken me from studying quarks and gluons to learning about genomes and studying evolution. In my free time I enjoy voiding warranties, learning to white-water kayak, and exploring the great outdoors. I’m also passionate about teaching and science education.

I write Empirical Zeal because I’ve always thought that science is wonderfully exciting. I cover the bits that blow my mind. What you’ll find here are summaries of new experiments, discoveries and big ideas from fields such as evolutionary biology, genetics, and physics.

If you like what you’re reading, post a comment, find me on twitter, email me at aatish+blog@gmail.com, or just enjoy the blog.

The masthead image is a picture of pollen grains from a variety of common plants, at 500x magnification, taken by a scanning electron microscope. To get a sense of how zoomed in this is, at this scale the length of your arm represents a millimeter. (The bean shaped structures that you see are 50 microns long, or 1/20 of a millimeter long.)